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Balanced cup with an amazing flavor profile. Rich milk chocolate wrapped in a hint of citrus with a clean bright finish. Is summer almost here...

Farm: Baroida Estate

Varietals: Arusha, Bourbon, Typica, Mondo Novo

Processing: Fully Washed

Altitude: 1,700 - 1,850 Meters Above Sea Level 

Owner: Colbran Family

Subregion: Baroida, Aiyura Country

Region: Kianantu District, Eastern Highlands

Country: Papua New Guinea

Farm Size: 220 Hectares

The Baroida Estate, run by Ben Colbran, has pioneered growing coffee in the Eastern Highlands, especially in Aiyura, Kianantu District. The estate, which weathered political turmoil throughout the second half of the 20th century, has become known for superb quality control. The name Baroida comes from the name for a spirit that resides in a large boulding sitting in one of the rivers that runs through the estate. According to the locals,  Colbran’s ability to withstand difficult times and continue producing great coffees can be attributed to the boulder, which has been there longer than they can remember.

Papua New Guinea City Roast Small Batch Coffee Limited Reserve


The plantation is 220 hectares. Meticulous separation for quality control helps maintain the high quality of the estate. After careful sorting, cherry is pulped on disk pulpers. Then, it dry-ferments in vats for 36 hours. Water is pumped into the vats in  a circular motion to naturally agitate the coffee and remove any remaining mucilage.

Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate Coffee 

Papua New Guinea is different from many of our other origins because it’s coffee culture and larger-scale production is fairly new. For this reason, a great deal of education and outreach is still needed to help farmers achieve the best quality beans possible.  However, times are changing as Papua New Guinea becomes more and more of a desired origin in specialty coffee. Between 2015 and 2016, farmers saw a 65% increase in production  Many smallholder coffee farmers in Papua New Guinea pulp and  process  their own cherries. They pulp cherry and then ferment for approximately 36 hours. After washing, they dry the beans to appropriate moisture content before preparing the parchment for sale. Other farmers sell their coffee as cherry, which allows mills and exporters more control over the quality of the final coffee. Coffee purchased from the farmer as cherry is often called “estate” coffee, even though it’s not from an estate.      Logistics remain a big issue in Papua New Guinea. Mountainous regions, poor roadways and lack of infrastructure make transporting and exporting coffee difficult. Poor roadways also affect coffee producers’ ability to meet deadlines for production and deliver their coffees to port. When remote villages only have one road to and from a larger city, rain can easily make roads impassable for days or even weeks, making transporting coffee to market impossible.      There  is a preponderance of  different tribal groups and  local  languages. Years of  mistrust and conflict between different groups has made it difficult to organize farmers in collectives or cooperatives

Meet The Coffee Farmers

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Coffee Farmers

Educating our drinkers on where their favorite coffee comes from. All single origin coffee beans have been Black Powder Certified and approved to our roasting standards.

Black Powder Cerified


CLICK on each label to learn more about the farm, region and origin of the green beans that Black Powder Coffee roasts for your tasting. 

Single Origins (click image to learn more) 

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Coffee Grind Chart | What grind style to choose when brewing your coffee?

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Different forms of brewing coffee require different levels of grinding your beans.  When ordering online, we can offer you whole bean or grind them for you. 

Coffee Grind Chart: 

Coarse - French Press, percolators, vacuum coffee pots and aero press coffee makers, we recommend a coarse grind level. (immersion brew method)

Drip - For use with drip coffee makers, grind level is medium. (pour over brew method)

Espresso - When making espresso or using a moka pot, finer grind level is recommended. (pressure with short water contact time)

Why? Different grind levels leach coffee into the water at different rates. Therefore, brew time and concentration (part-per-million) of coffee to water can vary.

100% Naturally Grown | What is Naturally Grown Coffee?

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Black Powder Coffee offers a variety of naturally grown coffee that is sourced direct trade and fairly traded from single origin farms throughout the world.  These coffees are organically farmed and agency organic certified.  Since the processes at Black Powder are USDA certified, we list these as naturally grown. 

Naturally Grown Coffee From Organic Certified Coffee Farms

 Shop our selection of Naturally Grown Coffee 

An organic certified farm grows the coffee and processes it per documented procedures certified by entities like Ecocert, USDA, etc. This results in farm certified organic green (raw) coffee beans delivered to the roaster.

At Black Powder Roasting Company, we prevent co-mingling of standard coffee and organically grown coffee (both as green and after roasting). These include only roasting organic grown first each day in the roaster before standard grown, separate green bean storage area (non-grain pro), dedicated NSF storage containers (bins, buckets, scoops), and a dedicated organic grown only grinder.  Coffee that is 100% Naturally Grown.



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