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Ethiopian Gadeb Organic Yirgacheffe Natural | Light Roast (Roaster's Pick)

Ethiopian Gadeb Organic Yirgacheffe Natural | Light Roast (Roaster's Pick)


Just received 2018 crop Aug 10, 2018!! Wow. Amazing jammy flavor profile that will blow your socks off.

Fruit Forward - Light craft roast coffee (10).

Crazy good naturally sweet cup with a strong essence of blueberry. This will knock you socks off!

Smooth and rich with a distinctive floral aroma and fruity brightness. Natural bean drying allows the cherry to ferment on the bean prior to washing.  This creates a unique "sweet" flavor profile great with deserts or alone.

Located in the high mountains of Ethiopia, this sun dried bean is meticulously harvested and cared for. Shade grown on the small farms.

Origin ­­- Ethiopia

Location – Gedeb. Yirgacheffe/Gedio Zone

Grade – I

Processing method – Natural

Altitude -1,770 -2,200 MASL (~5,577 – 7,218 feet)

Annual Rainfall – 1,200mm – 1,599mm

Mean Annual Temperature – 59 – 68 Degrees F.

Soil Type – Clay to Clay Loam Reddish Brown

Varietal – Arabica, Indigenous Heirloom Cultivars

The “Gedeb” site is located in the fertile SNNPR regional State, in Gedio zone/Yirgacheffe, in the Gedeb district, approximately 437 km (~272 miles) South of Addis Ababa.

Cupping Notes: Strawberry, kiwi, blueberry, apricot.  Super juicy and tangy!

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