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Mahara Gayo Mountain | Sumatra FTO

Origin - Sumatra 

Location of Origin - Gayo Mountain, Aceh  

Name of Farm - Mahara 

Processing Method - Giling basah 

Altitude - 1,000 - 1,600 

Cupping Notes - Bright citrus acidity, notes of lemon, cedar, clean earth.

Mahara Coffee Farmer of Sumatra Coffee Beans in Gayo Mountain Aceh region  Sumatra Coffee Farm Drying process of our Sumatra Fair Trade Organic  Enjoying a cup of Black Powder Coffee Sumatra Fair Trade Organic from Aceh region

Black Powder Coffee is proud to partner with Mahara co-op of our Sumatra Naturally Grown green beans. The Mahara co-op farms are organic certified. The small cooperative is located in the Gayo Mountain region. 

Formed in 2015, Mahara has 460 organic-certified members spread across five villages and two sub-districts in the Central Aceh District. It has 12 delegates, 12 collectors and 12 buying stations that purchase cherry or parchment for members. With time, it hopes to encourage all members to deliver only cherry, to help centralize coffee processing and further improve quality—which already is enormously impressive.

The Mahara co-op is young and eager and learning all it can from the coffee experts around them; we found them to be truly driven to achieve the highest qualities possible. The co-op's Vision and Mission statements are about advancing the welfare of “members in particular and society in general.” It's inspiring to see the amount of growth this co-op has gained while investing back into the community of the farmers and their families. 

The Mahara co-op farmers all have a positive outlook and enjoy what they do.  They are passionate about growing their source of income and providing one of the best Sumatra green beans to their roasters. 


Source: InterAmerican Coffee

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