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5 Ways to make your coffee habit healthy

Introducing healthier habits in your everyday life offers many benefits, and your morning coffee is a great place to start. Nearly 65% of Americans drink coffee daily, but these cups aren't always that good for you. From all the syrups that enhance the flavor to creamy toppings loaded with carbs, your caffeine fix could end up becoming extremely unhealthy. 

Improve Your Cup of Joe

Changing some of your habits regarding your coffee drinking will make each cup that little bit healthier. Implementing just a few of these techniques can already add significant value to your lifestyle. 

In a review post on Owly Choice, they mention how you can control strength, so why can’t you control the health aspects, too? Let’s take a look at how you can do this. 

Take Your Coffee Black

It's one of those hidden calorific elements that many of us forget about, but cream and milk adds a lot of unhealthiness to your drinks. Black coffee and espresso have minimal calories in them, making it an excellent choice for your waistline. 

The initial change might be a little shocking to your system, but the more you drink it, the more your taste buds will get accustomed to it. You might even taste flavors that alluded you before. 

A great alternative to regular milk is almond or soy versions. Almond milk offers some excellent advantages, including being low in sugar and high in vitamins. This is a perfect substitute if you aren't allergic to nuts. 

As for soy milk, it offers the same amount of protein as the regular stuff, but with much fewer calories. It also has less saturated fats and is an excellent source of calcium.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Each cup of java you drink offers a different experience. It all depends on how long the beans get roasted and where it gets sourced. If you're currently drinking a brand that's on the cheaper side, try switching over to one that's a little more expensive. They're usually more natural and have fewer pesticides used in the growing process. 

Stick to Natural Flavors 

Those decadent lattes we get from coffee shops have a bunch of syrups added to magnify the flavor. These have tons of sugars that aren't good for you and add extra calories to your diet. 

Adding a drop or two of some pure vanilla extract will boost the flavor without introducing extra-sugary elements. You can also experiment with other flavor boosters to see which one suits your tastes better, from chai to caramel. 

Check Your Sweeteners

It can be challenging to cut out sugar completely, but merely replacing it with an artificial sweetener isn't always the best option. This doesn't mean you can't have a little sweetness in your life. There are some natural, plant-based options you can choose from, such as stevia. Honey is also a great alternative to regular sugar

Sprinkle On Some Cinnamon

It's one of those spices that many of us associate with Christmas, but try introducing it into your daily cup of joe. Cinnamon offers a range of health benefits, from reducing inflammation to boosting your level of antioxidants. On top of the health gains, it also adds a great flavor without introducing artificial products.

In Conclusion

Making your morning java as healthy as possible can help you maintain a balanced lifestyle. Improving your coffee habits includes everything from cutting out milk and artificial sweeteners to adding a dash of spice to your morning cup of java. 

It can be a challenge to find a coffee brand that works for you, but choosing one that doesn't use pesticides is essential. If you can't let go of your sweet tooth completely, pick a natural plant-based sweetener to improve your beverage, or simply add a dash of honey for the perfect drink. 

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