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A Special THANK YOU for contributing to our Pay It Forward Initiative

A Special THANK YOU for contributing to our Pay It Forward Initiative

Covid-19 hit us all off guard over the past year and a half.  March 2020 changed small businesses, lives and health in some cases. We we lucky enough to keep our health, adapt to the changes and find ways to move our business forward. 

Supporting Our Roastery

We were fortunate enough to have great customers to support our small roastery, continuing to buy coffee however they could; online, curbside pickup or some of our retail partners that continued to serve!  For that, THANK YOU! 

Pay It Forward

Another way our customers went above and beyond is with our Pay It Forward program to our Health Care Heroes! OVER 320 lbs of COFFEE given to our Front-Line Healthcare Workers since we started the Pay It Forward Program! We want to say THANK YOU to all of our customers, family and friends that helped contribute to donating coffee to our HEALTHCARE HEROES! This was a great and successful program that allowed us to support our local community, local EMS, NURSES & DOCTORS! These heroes on the frontline, worked long hours, risked their health and lives, and did everything they could to stop the spread of Covid. 

Let's celebrate the fact that Covid numbers are down, people are health and we are getting back to normal!  A special thank you to our healthcare workers and customers who support Black Powder Coffee!  

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