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Colombia Coffee | What makes it so great?

What makes Colombia coffee so great?

Colombia coffee is one of the largest coffee producers in the world.  Supplying over 15% of the worlds coffee.  Colombia providing some of the best single origin Arabica coffee beans. 

Each region in Colombia produces different tasting notes. 

- Northern Coast - Chocolate - Nutty flavors - Full Body 

- Central - Floral - Fruity - Sweetness

- Southern - More Acidity - Strong Citrus Notes 

A country that has a diverse micro-climate that is able to produce a variety of unique flavor profiles. Colombia's location in relation to the equator allows them to have two harvest seasons a year. Climate, elevation and soil all play into their quality for year round coffee growing. These two growing seasons contributes to the popularity of Colombian coffee and availability. 

We have found small farmers in the northern coast that we have partnered with over the years that bring the flavors that we are looking for in a good Colombia coffee. Focusing our roasts on the region of Sierra Nevada, our Colombia Excelso brings the flavor notes that we are looking for to bring something different from other origins. 

Black Powder Coffee | Colombia Naturally Grown | Medium Roast

Medium craft roasted naturally grown coffee (11).  Colombian Excelso bean. These large dense beans grown at high elevation create a medium bodied; hints of caramel, green apple, clean, vibrant acidity and round body. 

Planted on a single estate in the South West slope of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, this producer has owned this plantation since 1998. The farm has been organically certified by ECOCERT since 1999. It has also obtained the certifications from RAINFOREST ALLIANCE and SMBC. The coffee is grown as 100% chemical free.

All coffee from Agroberlin Farm is shade grown under Guamo, Pacaya, Carbonero trees and other native shade trees. It is naturally fertilized with carefully prepared compost originating from coffee pulp and manure. This special coffee is fermented for a period of 14-18 hours.

Origin: sierra Nevada 
Varietals: Typica, Caturra and Castillo
Elevation: ~2000 meters
Farm: Agroberlin
Farm Certifications: Organic by Control Union Cerifications B. V. 
Type: Washed
Varietal: Arabica
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