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Craftsmanship in specialty coffee roasted in Mooresville NC

Craftsmanship in Specialty Coffee | What does it mean to us?

When you Google Craftsmanship (noun); a skill in a particular craft. Craftsmanship to Black Powder Coffee is craft roasted coffee.  Ensuring the best cup of coffee possible. 

The Best Commercial Coffee Roaster - San Franciscan Roaster - SF25

The meaning of craftsmanship to us starts with our handcrafted San Franciscan roaster, built and designed to produce the finest specialty coffee. Our SF-25 allows us to commercial roast for coffee shops, restaurants, specialty retail and our online store. The most environmentally friendly small batch coffee roaster, roasting 25 pound batches at a time. Hand crafted specialty drum roaster,  controlling air speed and and temperature on each roast to developing unique flavors in single origins and proprietary blends.

Single Origin Coffee & Blends 

Sampling the best coffees around the world from some of the most sought regions such as Sumatra growing region in Indonesia, the infamous Ethiopian Yirgacheffe region, to some of our popular South American and Central American origins.  Seeking out  the best hand selected green beans, we offer 21+ single origin beans and customize over 12+ blends in house, like our signature Espresso Blend. Offering a variety of flavored coffees as well that have become extremely popular. 

Coffee Packaging

The best in packaging with Black Powder Coffee branded craft coffee bags with zip-sealing closures and one way vent valve features to ensure the freshness of each roast. We strive to bring the freshest coffee to the masses at a fair price.  Our single origins and blends are offered from our online and retail store in one pound bags which is typically a better value than the 12oz bags you find in other local roasters. 

Customer Service

Finally, craftsmanship wouldn't be possible without superior customer service.  We strive to create lifetime customers. Providing our wholesale customers with everything they need to be successful, roasting fresh to order with quick turn arounds on shipping to quick responses to email and messages on social media.  Everything we do, we do for our customers, and with that being said, Thank You. 




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