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Growing Coffee – Seed to Cup – The Journey Of Coffee

The Journey Of Coffee – Steps of Making Coffee Beans

Here at Black Powder Coffee we work independently small, direct trade coffee farms that deliver the highest quality coffee beans. From growth to the finished product in your cup, here are some of the basic steps that show the journey of growing coffee and developing delicious tastes!

The Process Of Growing Coffee

1. Planting – Coffee beans are cherry seeds from a flowering plant.  These coffee plants usually take 3-4 years to produce flowers.
2. Harvesting – Coffee cherries are usually harvested once a year, strip picked or selectively picked methods.  Most harvesting are done by hand, although lower elevation farms may use mechanical harvesting methods.
3. Processing the Cherries – Coffee can be processed by wet or dry methods to remove the coffee bean seed from the cherry shell.
4. Drying – Wet – Removal of the skin and pulp of the cherry to leave the bean for drying. Dry – Cherries are placed on a raised table or drying patio. Dry processing is the oldest method and most common for Arabica coffee.
5. Milling – Removal of the outer layers of the cherry and dry skin which leaves the final product, dry coffee.  It it then processed for hulling, polishing and cleaning.
6. Grading and Sorting – Size, weight, color flaws and other imperfections are considered as the green coffee is sorted and prepared for sale.
7. Exporting – Stored in proper containers, Green coffee is usually shipped in jute bags or poly bags.  With changes in technology, specialty coffee is often shipped vacuum sealed to ensure the coffee is protected from the elements.
8. Cupping – The coffee is “cupped”  and tasted as a professional practice to develop and grade the quality of the coffee.  “Q Graders” observe the tastes and aromas of the coffee beans.  Specialty coffee is graded much like wine or craft beers.
9. Roasting – Once green beans are received at the roaster – beans are roasted to develop the finished product, coffee. Single Origin, blends and flavors are all developed from green beans being roasted.
10. Grinding & Brewing – There is a science behind grind levels and brew methods.  Insuring you have the proper weight, grind level of coffee mixed with the right amount of water and temperature produces the optimal flavor when it comes to brewing coffee.

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