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SF25 San Franciscan Roaster

Black Powder Coffee Now Roasting In A San Franciscan Roaster

Long awaited arrival of the best artisan roasting machine in the world, the San Franciscan Roaster!  BPR ordered this upgrade on January 24, 2014 after much trial and tribulation.  Should we upgrade from our 1 kg electric roaster and expand our business out of our home?  Tough questions and a leap of faith!

The San Franciscan 25 lb roaster is the only roaster on the market capable of full capacity operation.  Further to that, the controls allow the artisan (sometimes called the operator) to vary gas heat and airflow through the beans to drive phenomenal taste.  You heard me right, not all roasting machines are created equally and taste is the goal!

Coffee Per has breathed new life into the San Franciscan product line after it almost became extinct.  Coffee Per ( is made in Fallon City, Nevada USA.  You can find testimonials on their website.  BPR toured the USA to understand the competing products with lower cost and came up with a compelling reality………you get what you pay for.  Really??  Yes, the San Franciscan has the biggest bearings, thickest drum, and fancy copper plates.  If you want the control of your process – good investments have good returns.

You may notice we have a seal on the website called Black Powder Certified.  We created that because of the care that went in to find the best beans that matched our flavor profile likes, combined with the best machine, The San Franciscan SF25, to convert those hand-picked prime beans into a flavorful and consistent cup of coffee.

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