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The Black Powder Story

Mining the perfect cup of coffee is a long journey.  We practiced our roasting craft for years before taking the leap to make investments to grow the business.  This growth was not just in capacity to produce roasted coffee, but a growth in education and a passion to deliver the best tasting coffee possible.

Who we are, how we process the coffee to produce great flavors/aromas, along with some tips on how to make great coffee.  Included is a tasting sheet that can allow you at home to rate coffee and find your sweet spot balance of acidity, aftertaste, mouth feel, aroma, and taste.  Not all coffee is created equal for the variety of varietal, growing technics, processing, and then finally roasting impact the final product.

We hope you can feel the passion we have to continuously improve and launch new products that delight customers providing unique experience.  Yes, coffee can and should be an experience of you taste buds and also a time to reflect or share a conversation with friends and strangers.

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