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Black Obsidian Coffee Blend

Black Obsidian Coffee Blend


Formerly Black Diamond Blend - Dark and medium roast blended coffee after unique roasting profiles for each bean.  Use of Burundi coffee beans as the base allow the cup to have a great middle of the cup.  Black Powder then blends some African and Indonesia beans to provide a front and back to the cup that makes great balance.

Design was based on the 2015 Holiday Blend.

*This Black Obsidian coffee blend is wonderful for the AeroPress! Try it in the following recipe:

16.5 grams medium/course ground coffee

250 grams of water

Using your AeroPress, pour 40g of water over the coffee for 80 seconds to bloom. Stir the mixture for 5 seconds. Add the remaining water to the AeroPress, and wait 40 seconds. Slowly press the plunger to brew the cup. Enjoy!


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