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European Espresso Blend Coffee

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Darker craft roasted coffee (13.5).

Blend of 4 single origin beans hand crafted to provide a balanced and powerful espresso with a velvety finish. Also great in drip brewing process.

By adding a very small percentage of robusta bean, we are able to generate a long lasting crema with additional velvety mouthfeel. The blend is over 60% Indonesia beans creating the maximum baked chocolate while adding some Americas beans gives it a slight bite with a pleasant aftertaste. Ok, we sneak in a small percentage of African beans to improve the brightness in the cup (secret). Nothing makes Black Powder happier than a review. Try this wonderful blend that was created from memories of sitting at the Eiffel Tower with a flaky croissant and long espresso.

Why call it European Espresso? Simply put, that region enjoys a chocolaty and creamy espresso blend roasted at full city plus to derive a rich, naturally sweet cup with very low acid. Check out our LKN Espresso if you would like a more sour but berry finish to your espresso blend.

Having tried espresso all over the world, there is a reason this blend dominates coffee shops that want the richness with or without cream and sugar. This is an espresso that you can enjoy STRAIGHT UP!


Welcome To Craft Roasted Coffee! Small Batch Coffee Roaster in NC. Roasted Fresh Daily.

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Mining the perfect cup of coffee, Black Powder Coffee has 21+ single origin prime beans that are freshly roasted and meticulously blended.  Green beans are transformed in Lake Norman (Mooresville) North Carolina using a state-of-art artisan San Franciscan gas drum roaster to derive maximum flavor and freshness.
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Responsibly Harvested. Craft Roasted.

Coffee Grind Chart | What grind style to choose when brewing your coffee?

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Different forms of brewing coffee require different levels of grinding your beans.  When ordering online, we can offer you whole bean or grind them for you. 

Coffee Grind Chart: 

Coarse - French Press, percolators, vacuum coffee pots and aero press coffee makers, we recommend a coarse grind level. (immersion brew method)

Drip - For use with drip coffee makers, grind level is medium. (pour over brew method)

Espresso - When making espresso or using a moka pot, finer grind level is recommended. (pressure with short water contact time)

Why? Different grind levels leach coffee into the water at different rates. Therefore, brew time and concentration (part-per-million) of coffee to water can vary.

100% Naturally Grown | What is Naturally Grown Coffee?

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Black Powder Coffee offers a variety of naturally grown coffee that is sourced direct trade and fairly traded from single origin farms throughout the world.  These coffees are organically farmed and agency organic certified.  Since the processes at Black Powder are USDA certified, we list these as naturally grown. 

Naturally Grown Coffee From Organic Certified Coffee Farms

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An organic certified farm grows the coffee and processes it per documented procedures certified by entities like Ecocert, USDA, etc. This results in farm certified organic green (raw) coffee beans delivered to the roaster.

At Black Powder Roasting Company, we prevent co-mingling of standard coffee and organically grown coffee (both as green and after roasting). These include only roasting organic grown first each day in the roaster before standard grown, separate green bean storage area (non-grain pro), dedicated NSF storage containers (bins, buckets, scoops), and a dedicated organic grown only grinder.  Coffee that is 100% Naturally Grown.



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