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How to taste test coffee like the Pros!

Taste testing coffee can be a fun way to learn about what kinds of coffee you enjoy. Also help you pick out a new bean to try. Using a Coffee Flavor Wheel is a great way to get started…

The world of coffee can be intimidating for someone new to the subject: the countries and regions of the beans origin, the roast level of each bean, the preparation methods, all the gadgetry – oh my! The mind boggles at all the details and options.  Where to begin your coffee journey? Many people start out by simply having a really good cup of coffee, and wanting to learn more. A great tool to use for every level of coffee drinker is the Coffee Flavor Wheel. This colorful chart is used by coffee drinkers to help them identify what exactly they are experiencing within each cup of coffee. To use this tool, all you need is a cup of coffee (preferably black, without cream or sugar), the Flavor Wheel, and a few minutes to analyze the tastes and aromas you encounter.

Bear in mind that each persons taste buds are different – what you taste in a cup may be different than what someone else tastes. Generally, people will experience similar first and second level tastes and aromas (Sweet & acidy, Sugar Browning & Nutty). When it comes to the more finite descriptions, opinions may vary. There are no wrong answers!



Another fun tool to use is a tasting diary. This little notebook helps keep track of the different coffees you try. By noting the coffee origin/name, the roaster, the producer, the varietal, and the preparation method used to make the coffee. You will quickly become able to decipher the variations in each cup. We have a pocket-sized diary available for sale at our roaster (this makes a great gift!).

Use this notebook to keep track of your coffee journey

Black Powder Coffee roasts 21 single origin beans, and we offer several blends. Our coffee ranges in flavor and roast level from light (Mexican Chiapas and Frontier Breakfast Blend) to bold (Sulawesi and European Espresso Blend). We encourage our customers to come in to our roastery and try some coffee to see which flavors they prefer. We are constantly sampling new beans to bring you the best in craft roasted coffee.

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