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Bourbon Infused Coffee

New from Black Powder Roasting – Bourbon Infused Coffee! Our newest creation is the delightfully warm combination of Kentucky straight bourbon and our Costa Rican coffee beans. These infused beans are non-alcoholic, as the alcohol burns off in the roasting process. We are working in small batches, so the availability is limited (to ensure the highest quality!)

We take Costa Rican green coffee beans and soak them in high quality Kentucky straight bourbon. They “marinate” in the bourbon for several days before they are roasted at a temperature high enough to burn off the alcohol, but just right for extracting the best flavor from the beans. The result is a medium roast coffee with a distinct bourbon flavor, not overwhelming, but bold enough to stand out!

The concept of making infused coffee is a relatively new one to the coffee roasting scene. There are a limited number of roasters in the country who are using this infusion process, sometimes with wine or other alcohols. When the process is done carefully (and correctly), the effect is amazing! The trick is to use the correct ratio of alcohol to beans, and to use a bean that is suitable for the infusion process.   

The art of coffee roasting is a continuous learning process, and a true roaster never stops their education. At Black Powder Coffee, our roasters are interested in bringing coffee education to the public, to make it accessible and enjoyable to learn. We are always open to “talking coffee”, to answer questions about beans, preparation techniques, and flavor profiles. Our retail area is in the same building as our roaster, and (when possible) we love to show off our production area to those who are curious about the process. Questions and ideas are always welcome!

We offer hour-long tours of our roaster, which include tastings of 4 different coffees, a pound of coffee to take home, and two Black Powder Coffee ceramic mugs. These tours are the perfect opportunity to learn about what king of coffee you enjoy, and what’s new at our roastery!

Visit us at 256 Raceway Drive, Suite 10, Mooresville, NC 28117. Our website is a wealth of information at You can reach us by phone at 704-614-0824

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