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Kenya Mukiria Mururine Coffee

New Kenya Coffee Launched

Great news! We have switched our Kenya Lenana to Kenya Mukiria Mururine to provide you with the best quality coffee! Our new Kenya coffee provides a riveting flavor of grapefruit as you drink from your warm mug. Located in the Murkiria region of Kenya, this new coffee is a perfect fit for all! Kenya Mukiria Mururine is a sweet and strong cup that is packed with several enjoyable tastes! Along with the sweetness of grapefruit that fills your mouth, there are hints of black currant and brown spice in every sip!

For those worried they will miss our old Kenyan, the two coffees still have their similarities with a few small differences. Kenya Mukiria Mururine differs through the production process of double fermentation and washing. You may be thinking, “isn’t fermentation related to the process of wine making?” This is correct, but it is also used specially for Kenyan coffees! You may also be wondering, “what is double fermentation?”

Double fermentation is the process of soaking the coffee beans in a fermentation tank twice, each time for a period of around 12-24 hours. Between the soaks, the beans are flushed with water to remove any excess organic material. During the second soak, the beans are transported through a water channel where the densities are separated, removing the lowest-density beans. The final soak is completed after this process and the beans are taken to a raised bed to sun dry.

As shown through the explanation of this process, the beans we provide for you are the best quality! We make sure to research the farms and mills where the beans originate and the processes they go through. In doing this, we ensure the success of each individual coffee bean to strengthen the overall flavor of the coffee poured into your cup. We hope you enjoy our new Kenya Mukiria Mururine as much as we do! Shop our Kenya

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