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Coming Soon.... Small Batch Series?

Good afternoon, we are leaving this here in our blog, for you to find and discover that we have something new coming for you. With over 21+ single origins and 12+ blends in our standard line up plus seasonals, the best flavored coffee around, and Nitro Cold Brew; there are difficulties, making smart purchasing choices, space to house all of the beans, and also ensuring we are turning our roasted beans buckets every other day! Making sure coffee is fresh, customers are happy and our business continues to grow upward are some of our concerns that we face daily! 

When it comes to coffee, we get asked all the time different questions; "have you ever roasted a {insert origin} ?", "You should bring in Blue Mountain", "have you ever roasted the elephant poop coffee?", "can you design a special flavor for me?" We do our best to make everything happen, when possible!  

Thankful for our customers and followers of great craft coffee in supporting our small roastery, we decided to give one of these questions a go!  We will be bringing in a Limited Release Small Batch Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee!

Want to know why Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is so expensive?  Learn more here from this blog post from the Craft Coffee Guru.

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