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Fundraising In The Community

Coffee Fundraisers

Community Purpose

Community involvement is a basic pillar of our company.  We all have experienced the importance of fundraising drives for school clubs, sport teams, disaster relief, and civic groups in our own lives. Now we wish to make it easier for others to fund valuable community programs.  Our goal is to provide you with an easy process and tools to have a 40% return on your investment. See below how our coffee fundraisers work.

The Program

Two ways to participate in our fundraiser program.

  1. Buy the coffee in advance and sell the product at sporting events, school programs, in the morning car line, at a festival/fair, etc.
  2. Print out the order forms and sell the coffee to organization supporters and then compile the orders onto the single master order form.

How to get started

Get Pre-approved: Call (704) 614-0824 or email, info@blackpowdercoffee.com with…

  • Organization Name
  • Billing and Shipping Address
  • School/Organization Phone
  • Contact Name and Phone and Email

For large organizations: your organization comes up with the name for a regular and decaffeinated blend.  Such as, MGSD Pride in Motion Blend, or Charlotte Relay for Life Blend.  Working with you, we will select a blend of coffee appropriate for your target audience. Both coffees are offered in 12 oz. high quality coffee bags ground and a dark roast can be packaged in k-cups.  Teas are premium quality (whole leaf) in individual sachets.

For smaller organizations: Black Powder will provide 2 or 3 blends of coffee and make them available in 12 oz ground coffee bags and one blend in k-cup 12 pack boxes. Three or four teas can be offered are premium quality (whole leaf) in individual sachets.

How to get your coffee

If you are pre-selling your coffee just compile all the information onto the master order form and email it to us. Remember, we need 1 week from the time you place your order before it will leave our roastery and we need to have received payment in full. If you are selling the coffee by the bag, place your order using the master order form as well.

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