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Coffee Travel Experiences

Coffee Travel Experiences around the World allow humility and appreciation of variety. When one travels the world, you get to try unique coffee both from how it is grown, roasted, and prepared.


During a trip to Dubai, I tried true Turkish process coffee. Thick and rich but a lot of bitter aftertaste due to the boiling process on the prepared coffee. I actually had to go to Starbucks to get a coffee after that one and thought it was actually good because it was so much lighter than the Turkish.


Spent many weeks traveling the countryside and had tea & coffee from the roadside vendors. Unique experiences in culture and flavor, but not a wow “gotta have it” when coming back to the USA. I did enjoy the Chai Tea more than the robusta coffee for it was the better of the two evils. Also, adding milk makes almost any tea or coffee bearable. The other trick that the major local coffees in India have is the addition of chicory (also popular in New Orleans). Chicory is a very inexpensive root and can counter act the effect of the high acid of low elevation grown (least expensive) coffees in the digestive tract. No chicory for me…..just use better coffee.


After all the shaojiu, coffee was a good pick-me-up in the morning. Didn’t find much quality in the coffee so I learned to drink green tea and still drink it today. Amazingly, the number of Starbucks stores popping up all over the country side with a definite yuppie factor – look at me….I have a Starbucks cup. I too had to drink the swill since there where no other choices but my stomach keep growling for the acid was not being kind.


So many cultures and flavors in such a small density. From Germany to Belgium to Italy, so many unique blends and flavors of coffees. Hard to pick a favorite for each was distinct and unique. After my European coffee travel experiences, this is really why Black Powder came into existence for the US lacks this diversity and quality in the coffee in many regions. Also, some big brands have commoditized the product to the point that many consumers are not aware of the specialty coffee market and the power of a great cup. Costa wasn’t bad for a chain choice when in a hurry. But the good stuff came from the cafes on the patios along the streets.


I remember have an awesome cappuccino on the street patio while looking at Eifel tower with a croissant for breakfast. We tried to repeat that flavor profile in our signature Espresso Blend of a bold espresso without bitter beginning or end to each sip. This may seem foreign, but you don’t need to put sugar and milk in an espresso shot from this blend. But, the blend will hold up to milk with a great flavor still resonating through the cup.


To find out more about different coffee around the world, check out this link. (credit: Business Insider)


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